Claims service

Assiservices operates a claims section based on three strategic principles, which it uses as its benchmarks:


    The service system is arranged in a series of modules that can be adapted to suit the requirements of the Client Companies. The service can be personalized to meet specific circumscribed needs (claims of one agency or several agencies, or particular niche requirements). It can be altered in accordance with the needs of a given area (a city or zone), or of a single region or several regions. Lastly, it can also be provided at a national level thanks to our network of representatives throughout the country.


    A strongpoint of the service system is the entrepreneurial philosophy underlying the handling of claims, in which a belief in the importance of service is foremost, together with the need to foster the best possible relationship with everyone involved in the settlement of a claim, in the interests of achieving the best economic outcome.


    The price of the service varies according to requirements but is always “a set, pre-established sum”, with no added costs. The reduction of operating costs is carried out using methods and synergies that are the fruit of our company’s experience, which has been providing outsourcing services for years. One of Assiservices’ strategic aims has always been to ensure that the service it provides is economical without this impinging on its quality, thus representing the best possible value for money.

This model and the company’s technical know-how gathered over a decade of experience in the business has enabled it to develop a specific method and innovative approaches to the handling of the various types of claims.

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