Complex claims

The Assiservices management of complex claims.

The team dealing with complex claims, made up of legal experts and senior adjusters, is in a position to provide all the necessary support in the handling, treatment and resolution of particularly large claims.

So-called “complex” claims are handled rather differently from others and this approach is ideally suited to achieving a satisfactory resolution of this type of claim.

A technical committee made up of legal experts and senior adjusters analyses the relevant dossier and draws up the “settlement proposal” for every single claim, which is then put before the company’s top management for approval.

If the proposal is approved, the most appropriate payment strategy is devised.

The technical committee supervises the claim’s operational aspects and keeps in touch with the company until final authorization and/or the disbanding of the committee owing to the manifest impossibility of managing the claim.

Our offices are happy to provide further details regarding the offer on request.

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