Non-automobile claims

The Assiservices approach to handling non-auto claims.

The ideal choice for non-auto claims, especially those associated with private individuals, small businesses and the home.

The service is provided online or by telephone, ensuring a prompt report and swift preparation of the documents required for assessment and settlement. The service includes:

• an online centre handling the claim;

• a 24-hour help centre designed to provide information and practical assistance to the Client at the scene of the event causing the damage;

• a network of specially selected medical facilities designed to keep costs under control and at the same time ensure the Client’s full satisfaction. For the first time in the insurance business, the company is able to pay not only for the Client’s examinations and treatments, but also any specialist assistance they may require during their recovery;

• a network of assessors and technical experts to be sent to the scene of the event causing the damage for a preliminary assessment, ensuring swift payment and any practical assistance that may be necessary as a result of the event.

Our offices are happy to provide further details regarding the offer on request.

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