Third-party and motor claims

THE PRONTOSERVICE SYSTEM – the Assiservices approach to handling third-party car insurance/CARD claims.

With its ProntoService ©, Assiservices has introduced a new way of handling claims. This service enables the company not only to provide immediate assistance at the scene of the accident, but also reduce handling costs and simplify settlement.

ProntoService has been specially designed and created to provide the best immediate assistance to the victim at the scene of the accident and quick damage assessment in order to expedite settlement.

• 24-hour help centre available to provide the injured party with the information they need and to provide immediate assistance at the scene of the accident;
• Locating the injured party;
• Immediate PRONTO ASSISTANT technical assistance at the scene of the accident to help the Client deal with the damage to his vehicle and any personal injuries;
• Information gathering, drawing up the report, establishing responsibility, calling emergency services;
• Identifying the parties involved in the accident and the extent of their respective damage and injuries;
• Dispatch of the accident report to the company to open the claim procedure and make a preliminary assessment of the extent of the damage and the apportionment of responsibility;
• The Client, help centre and technical assistant at the scene of the accident can remain in touch with the company or the Client's agent/broker through an online system using the ProntoService helpline App provided to the Client.

ProntoService is based on established operating practices that are the fruit of our long experience in the business, the skills of our qualified staff and the up-to-date and innovative web-oriented instruments used.

There is a word that sums up the vision of this new operating model: the word “Pronto”, which in Italian means “Ready” and which is part of the name of all our integrated services.

Assisting the injured party, sharing information and handling the claim procedures to ensure a quick resolution. A system of integrated services for the first online Claimant Community.

The ProntoService system uses the following dedicated web platforms:

The web platforms currently available on the online service are:




Cost of the service:

By exploiting a variety of synergies, Assiservices has introduced a particularly cost-effective way of handling claims.

Our offices are happy to provide further details regarding the offer on request.

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