Practical assistance at the scene of the accident to be in a position to help a Client at a critical moment. Just call the emergency number in case of accident!

Pronto Numero Rosso connects the Client with a help centre that can put the injured party in touch with the company’s claims department by telephone, SMS, web, Android™, iPad™ or iPhone™, where they will find all the assistance they need (information, how to report an accident, practical assistance – such as sending a towing truck, identifying the nearest body shop, sending a damage assessor to the scene of the accident, if necessary, etc.).

By calling the emergency number or getting in touch with the company by other means, the Client can file a claim and the details will remain available on the web platform for all those concerned (assessors, the agency, the company, etc.).

By getting in touch by any smartphone, besides Android™, iPad™ or iPhone™, the Client has access to innovative services by downloading the dedicated App.

Our offices are happy to provide further details regarding the offer on request.

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