Abnormal claims

GSA system & FRAUD CHECKS SYSTEM platform

GSA – Gestione Sinistri Anomali (Abnormal Claims Management) – is the company’s way of dealing in an effective and systematic way with claims that display features leading us to classify them as abnormal and thus in need of special treatment.

Assiservices puts the FRAUD CHECKS SYSTEM platform at the disposal of the Client Company to identify the degree of criticality and the risk of fraud.

In accordance with the parameters of criticality agreed with the Client Company, the FRAUD CHECKS SYSTEM sends an alert indicating the operating priorities, ranging from further investigation or greater information to transfer to the GSA dealing with potentially fraudulent claims, which employs the services of claims adjusters, assessors, doctors, specialized investigators and legal experts.

At the end of the outsourced preliminary investigation, the claim is either settled, subject to authorization and assessment by the company, or is transferred to the Fraud Office with the opinion of a criminal lawyer as to the feasibility of pursuing the matter in court.

In collaboration with companies specializing in debt recovery, measures can be taken to recover sums not paid correctly, subject to acquiring information regarding the solvency of the debtor.

The cost of the service depends on the procedure decided upon with the company management or can be limited to the use of the FRAUD CHECKS SYSTEM platform, or to the use of the platform as well as the outsourced handling of the abnormal claim.

Our offices are happy to provide further details regarding the offer on request.

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