So you are aware of everything important regarding accidents with injuries. Technology, experience and passion for the topic combine to ensure there are no nasty surprises and contribute to developing innovative responses to injury.

ProntoLesioni is a web platform providing online interaction with the control centre dealing with the prompt gathering of information on the extent of injuries and their truthfulness.
The service includes the supervision, analysis and inspection of medical reports and a centralized review of specialist medical examinations.

It also provides operational services to help in the settlement of the claim that define “light” injuries. The ProntoLesioni method makes available a network of medical examiners of national standing and a range of fully qualified assessors and investigators.

The service includes a network of specially selected medical facilities designed to keep costs under control and at the same time ensure the Client's full satisfaction. For the first time in the insurance business, the company is able to pay not only for the Clients's examinations and treatments, but also any specialist assistance they may require during they recovery.

Il Software di Pronto Lesioni

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